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Quill Lakes Update

Here is an update from SAWS:

  • Water Security Agency and the Minister of Environment continue to turn a blind eye to illegal drainage in this province.
  • Quill Lake Watershed Association continue to encourage wetland drainage.
  • Farmers continue to destroy and drain wetlands, contributing to the high water levels of the Quill Lakes.
  • The SaskFSA (Saskatchewan Farm Stewardship Association), another drainage organization, is calling out to its members to raise their voice and contact their MLA’s to change the drainage rules.
  • Manitoba and Alberta are protecting wetlands in their provinces. Saskatchewan is destroying wetlands in our province.
  • It’s reported that disruption of natural land, including wetlands, grasslands, and clearing bushes and trees, disrupts the carbon sequestration that these areas are providing.  Worse, if the disruption then results in plowing that land for crops it releases stored carbon to the atmosphere, adding to our provincial carbon emissions.

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