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Traffic Calming

The town strategy for 2019 is not to install any temporary speed bumps.  We are following the recommendation of the Transportation Association of Canada and USA DOT.  Other traffic calming techniques have proven more successful than speed bumps alone.  We will be implementing a radar speed display sign which will display to drivers their current speed.  The radar sign will record time, date and speed.  That data will be invaluable in assessing future traffic calming needs and infrastructure improvement needs.  The sign will be moved weekly to assess traffic patterns across the town.


Water Disruption-300 Block 2nd St. E. & 4th Ave. from 2nd St. E. to 3rd St. E.

There has been a water break affecting the 300 Block 2nd St. E. & 4th Ave. from 2nd St. E. to 3rd St. E.  The emergency water supply tap is available at the Water Treatment Plant for affected residents.

Repairs are scheduled for Thursday, June 13, 2019.

A Drinking Water Advisory will be in effect once repairs are complete and water service has been restored.

Water Supply for water disruptions