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Playground Use Prohibited

Please do not use play equipment within the town until further notice.
You can get your physical activity in other ways by playing in your yards, walking, running or biking while still maintaining a safe distance from others outside of your household.

Thank you for your cooperation!  Before you know it, we will all be playing together again!

Virtual Dance Party

Whether you’re 80 years young or 8 years old, engaging in physical activities that involve dance changes you. From better physical & mental health to a boost in mood & emotional well-being. Dance is also exercise, so the physical benefits of dancing will be similar to that of other cardio activities.
Movement and dance are extremely expressive, which can allow you to escape and let loose. It’s this “letting loose” that helps improve your mental & emotional health by reducing stress, and decreasing the symptoms of anxiety & depression.

Starting Wednesday, March 25 you can join our very own dance instructor, Brooke, for some Virtual Dance Parties to stay active & healthy! The link will be posted on the Regina Beach Parks & Rec Facebook page each week… can even continue doing it each day until the new one is posted!

Virtual Yoga

Despite the circumstances of all recreation programs being cancelled, we are committed to making the best out of this for community members. The health & wellbeing of the community is at the center of what we do, and this will not change. Taking care of your mental health in the face of uncertainty is important as well, so let’s join together ‘virtually’ to ensure we are all taking care of ourselves mentally, emotionally & physically.
Virtual yoga classes will begin Saturday, March 21st. Stay tuned for the link.

Parks & Rec Cancellations

As part of Parks & Rec’s contribution on helping with some preventative measures in our community, all programming is on hold until further notice. Any activities happening in the Joint Use Facility (school gym) will also be on hold until further notice.
Thank you for your patience & understanding during this unprecedented situation!
Keep a watch for more details pertaining to these programs & for ways to continue to stay active in the meantime.

Interested in Fencing?

We’re looking to try something new out here. Who’s interested?

Saskatchewan Fencing Association is willing to come out to teach a 6-8 week fencing class for ages 6-11 on Monday evenings in April/May. If there is enough interest to run a 12+ age class or an adult class we can possibly get something going for that too. The price would be $40.

Please email [email protected] if you are interested.

Regina Beach Winter Festival

Mark your calendars as the Annual Winter Festival put on by Regina Beach Parks & Recreation and Regina Beach & District Lions Club is on Saturday, March 7th!
In addition, there will also be the 13th Annual Shin Slasher Classic at the Waterfront featuring live DJ on the lake and live band inside, RBYC Outdoor Skating and outdoor  Crokinole, LMLCC Shack Attack Community Challenge.