You may have seen some work being done around the Town entranceway….well, we have this Committee to thank, as well as Councilor Sandi Metz for initiating it!! Also, thank you to the additional volunteers outside of this committee who have given their time to help & to Public Works for their help as well.

Following a sharing of ideas, a plan for this year and the next 2 years is being developed. Improvements for this year have begun, with the target completion date of Sept. 1st.

Aug 10-14, there will be a call out for community volunteers as we work on maintenance needs including: repainting benches, fences; painting poles around garbage receptacles & weed pulling.

Anything Centre Street residents/businesses can do to assist is much appreciated!

Improvements include:
Town’s gateway: clean up around Regina Beach sign; addition of low maintenance river rock; removal of 2 diseased trees; repainting of the sign including new logo being added; addition of 3 flagpoles representing Canada, Saskatchewan & our provincial Roughriders.

Flower bed – corner of Lions Park & Centre: weeding/clean up of raised bed area; addition of low maintenance greenery; removal of potentilla & quack grass; replacement of rotted railway ties; erection of signage celebrating 100 years

Welcome to Regina Beach Banner: installation of a 27’ Welcome to Regina Beach banner with new logo – will be strung across Centre Street at Nicol Ave

Maintenance of Town Office grounds: removal of Mugo Pine; pruning of bushes along Fairchild; addition of a special bench celebrating 100 years; weeding; repair of underground sprinklers in efforts to bring the grass back to lush; flower bed improvements.

The Town has also added some new garbage receptacles with more to be added next year (including recycling).