The Communications Committee of Town Council is a standing committee which serves to coordinate communications between the Town Council, Town Office, Public Works and Utilities and the Owners and Tenants of Regina Beach.  Early last year, this committee developed a strategy with the goal of improving how we do business that is consistent with the vision, mission and values of the town and its Council.  Our strategy included communicating more frequently, using a variety of media, promoting our town and engaging more readily with the community.  No strategy, however, is valuable unless it is evaluated, reviewed, adjusted and improvements made.  Although Council participates in the evaluation, it is the Owners and Tenants feedback that drives our efforts.  To that end, we ask that you take the time to complete the very short Communications Survey below so that your voice is heard and considered in this process.  The survey will take just a few minutes to complete.  Thank you for participating.  Click image below to take the survey.

Communication Committee of Town of Regina Beach Council