District Board of Revision

The Village of Disley has requested to join the District Board of Revision.  The District Board of Revision is made up of the Town of Regina Beach, the Town of Lumsden, the Village of Buena Vista, the RM of Lumsden No. 189 and the Village of Craven.  This Board hears any assessment appeals that go to hearing.

The Village of Disley is looking for a volunteer willing to represent the Village for any appeals heard by the Board.  If interested please contact Rhonda Woelk, Administrator, Village of Disley, 306-731-3355.


Development Appeal Board

The Town is looking for a volunteer to sit on the Development Appeal Board.  The function of the DAB is to hear appeals on developments which council approved or rejected under the Planning and Development Act, 2007.

If interested please contact the Town office at 306-729-2202 or email [email protected]

Regina Beach Parks, Recreation & Culture Board

Representatives needed.  Please contact the Town Office if interested.
Phone:  306-729-2202
Email:  [email protected]

Emergency Measures Organization

In 2012 the Town of Regina Beach and the Village of Buena Vista entered into an agreement to enact a Joint Emergency Plan.  The goal was to have an Emergency Measures Organization in place should either community have to declare a State of Emergency.  There are several volunteer positions to fill.  A Basic Emergency Management course will be required at no cost.  If you are interested in volunteering please contact the Town of Regina Beach office or the Village of Buena Vista Office or email [email protected].

Regina Beach Fire Department

The Regina Beach Fire Department is always open to anyone who wishes to volunteer as a fire fighter.  Training sessions are conducted and all volunteers receive the appropriate training.

If interested please complete the Application Form and drop off at the Regina Beach Town Office.

South Shore First Responders

The South Shore First Responders are in need of more volunteers, especially if you are available during the week, daytime hours.  Some training is required.  Contact Kathy Burnett at 306-539-8121 or Shelley Brodziak at 306-541-4030 for information.

South Shore Community Foundation

The fund is managed by the South Sask Community Foundation.  The time commitment for volunteers is minimal and basically involves making sure the annual funds continue to go to a worthy cause.

The funds are used to support local projects.  At present we provide a bursary to one community minded graduate of Lumsden High School and the South Shore School Playground Committee.

For more information on how you can become involved in this worthwhile fund contact:
Janet Barber  306 729 4542 or the Town of Regina Beach 306 729 2202.

Volunteers Needed

South Sask Community Foundation: www.sscf.ca