Instead of putting your leaves, plants, grass, leaves and twigs in the garbage, bring them to the Town of Regina Beach Landfill site for “free” disposal.

Dates and Times

The landfill will be open on Saturday June 16th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.



Town staff will be there to inspect your yard waste load and direct you to the appropriate location for disposal. The Town encourages you to bring your waste in paper bags or bundled to avoid delays. NOTE: material that is identified as unacceptable will have to be disposed of at an appropriate location at a charge based on the fee schedule of load charges as defined in Bylaw 01/2018.

Acceptable Materials

Grass clippings
Garden waste (plant and vegetable waste)
Bush/shrub trimmings
Branches (not branches from elm trees)
Trees (no stumps)

Unacceptable Materials include but are not limited to:

Branches from elm trees (leaves and small twigs from elm trees are allowed)
Domestic garbage
Construction material (wood, concrete & asphalt)
Full trees
Kitchen food waste
Pet waste

Let’s all work together to enhance the management of the landfill.