The Bylaw Enforcement Officer provides inspections and regulatory work related to the enforcement of specific bylaws. The Bylaw Enforcement Officer investigates complaints with impartiality, gathers evidence according to established rules and prepares and presents that evidence to council and/or court when called upon to do so.

The Town of Regina Beach has hired the Commissionaires South Saskatchewan to enforce bylaws of the Town.  The Commissionaires will be easily identifiable as they will be wearing uniforms and driving decaled vehicles. The Commissionaires will have full authority to enforce the bylaws of the Town of Regina Beach.

The Commissionaires are being hired to serve the citizens of Regina Beach so please treat them with respect.

Bylaws are intended to keep our town clean, healthy and safe. The Bylaw Enforcement Officer’s mandate is to promote, facilitate and enforce general compliance with the provisions of bylaws that pertain to the health, safety and welfare of the community.

Bylaw infractions/concerns must be reported to the Town office by phone, email or in writing.  In order to facilitate and address resident concerns, please provide specifics such as date, time, address, etc. as this information enables investigation/action to take place.  Please also provide your name and contact information so that we may contact you if we require more information or to offer explanation.

Town of Regina Beach Bylaw Enforcement Procedure Policy

The Lumsden RCMP are also available and have the authority to enforce our Town Bylaws.  Lumsden RCMP can be contacted in situations such as late night noise from parties, fireworks, speeding, etc.  (306) 731-4270.


Proposed Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw  -March 2019

Town of Regina Beach Sign Corridor

Sign Corridor Established Rules Policy & Application

Erection of Signs Adjacent to Prov Hwy Regs 1986

Roadside Management Manual SK Hwys



The Town of Regina Beach takes every effort to keep this data as accurate and current as possible.  All bylaws for the Town of Regina Beach are not listed above.  If you are looking for a bylaw that is not listed call the Town Office and inquire with the staff.

This data is for reference purposes only. Please contact the Town of Regina Beach if you are intending to use this data for legal purposes. Please do not copy and disseminate this information without the consent of the Town of Regina Beach administration.

When using the information contained herein, the original Bylaws should be consulted for the purpose of interpretation and application of the law.

Thank you.