Town Council Vision and Values for the Town of Regina Beach

Our vision is to be a community to visit and to live in, recognized for:

Community – a high sense of community belonging and a high level of participation of residents in the planning and activities that make Regina Beach a great place to live and visit.

Activities – a diverse range of social, recreational and cultural activities and services for residents and visitors of all ages.

Outdoors – a variety of trails, beaches, parks and well maintained natural amenities that enrich the lives of residents and visitors.

Appearance – a clean, attractive and esthetically cohesive residential, business and recreational neighborhoods, created through the long term community development plan.

Business – a dynamic, thriving and growing business community that meets the needs of the entire community.

Infrastructure – a dependable, cost effective water, sewer and road system that meets the current needs of citizens and businesses, and enables future growth.

Finances – a financial plan that supports the long-term provision of quality services and fiscal management


Our Town Values:

  • We are a caring, friendly and supportive community.  We will practice community values that reflect a genuine concern for our neighbors, a sincere respect towards individuals and organizations in our town, and a welcoming attitude towards those we meet.
  • We are responsive and service oriented.  We will be prompt, helpful and timely in responding to members of our community, and consistently provide high quality service.
  • We are open and transparent.  We will conduct community affairs with openness and transparency so that our citizens can access and understand their municipal government information and processes.
  • We will act with integrity.  We will act will honesty and a high ethical standard in all our action, deliberations, decisions, and communications.