Committees and Representatives of the
Town Council of Regina Beach

Mayor – Ex-officio voting member of all committees
Finance Committee – Cllr MacKenzie
Governance Committee – Cllr Cameron
Regina Beach Recreation Site/Sask Parks – Cllr Cameron
Lakeside Heritage Museum – Cllr Metz
Library – Cllr Taylor
Last Mountain Lake Cultural Centre – Cllr Metz
Age Friendly Committee – Cllr Metz
Primary Health Care Committee – Cllr Cameron
Cemetery – Cllr Taylor
EMO Planning Committee – Cllrs Cameron and Metz
Parks, Rec and Culture/Canada Day Committee – Cllr Metz
Pier/Waterfront Committee – Cllrs MacKenzie and Taylor
Public Works & Safety – Cllr MacKenzie
Human Resources – All Council as a Whole
IMUC – Cllrs Metz and Taylor
South Shore Recreation Centre Joint Use Committee – Cllrs Cameron and Metz
Sr. Government Relations – Cllr Cameron
Communications Committee – Cllr Metz
Executive Committee – All Council as a Whole