Development Permits

Please obtain the necessary Development Permits from the Town Office before beginning any of the following:

  • building a new structure
  • addition of new deck
  • addition to an existing building
  • replacement of existing deck
  • renovating
  • moving a building
  • demolishing a building

If you are not sure if you need a building permit – contact our office at 729-2202 or review the Zoning Bylaw.

Before You Build Leaflet

Map of Sensitive Areas in Regina Beach

Proposed Development Process

All proposed development must have the Development Permit Application approved PRIOR to the Building Application being reviewed.  Construction CANNOT begin until the Building Application has been approved and a Building Permit has been issued.

Click here for the information package regarding proposed residential development, a checklist for required paperwork/plans to accompany any applications and current rates.

All proposed residential development must submit a Development Permit Application with preliminary plans, site plan (see below), geotechnical report (if necessary) to the office for Council and/or development officer consideration and approval/denial.  If approved a Building Permit Application must then be submitted to the office for the building inspector’s review.

Additional project specific spec sheets below must accompany the Building Application:

Site Plan Sheet must accompany all building applications.  Click here for an example of what is required on the site plan.

Demos and Moves

Contact the Town office for applications and process for demolitions and house moves.

Commercial Development

All proposed commercial development must contact the office for application forms.


Development Appeal Board Information Sheet

Disclaimer:    Every effort is made to keep this information as current as possible.  In the event of a conflict, the most current forms and/or rates are applicable.