Information for Taxpayers

2019 Residential Mill Rate is 4.408 (municipal and library) plus 4.12 (education mill rate) for a total Mill Rate of 8.528.

2019 Commercial Mill Rate is 4.408 (municipal and library) plus 6.27 (education mill rate) for a total Mill Rate of 10.678.

Base Tax Bylaw 05/2019

Mill Rate Bylaw 06/2019

For discount, if applicable, payment due by July 31 of each year.

Taxes are due December 31 of each year.


Notice of Assessment

2020 Assessment Listing

As per Bylaw 3/93, Assessment Notices are issued if there has been an assessment amount change to your particular property.  During revaluation/re-inspection years, all property owners will receive a Notice.  Assessment information can be found at

Assessment Appeals Guide for Citizens

eNotice Tax Notice Available

This allows residents to receive Tax Notices and Assessment Notices via email.

Any resident interested must register by completing the Consent Form and returning it to the office either:
– in person
– in our drop slot
– by mail to Box 10, Regina Beach, SK S0G 4C0 or
– via email to [email protected]

eNotice Consent Form


Tax payment Options

Tax payments may be made by cash, cheque, interact, post-dated cheques, and through online banking.

Online Banking:

You must add the payees Town of Regina Beach-Tax and Town of Regina Beach-Utility.  You can contact your local bank if you have questions.

It is your responsibility to ensure payments are made to the correct account. Tax payments to the tax account and the water to the utilities account. Failure to do this could mean that your taxes could be paid to your water account or vice versa.

If you own more than one property you must create a separate payee and account number for each property.  This will make it clear to the office the amount of money you are allocating to each account.