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Parks & Rec Online Registration Now Available!!

Parks & Rec’s new online registration system takes effect today, January 21st, giving people another way to sign up for recreation programs!

Since the Town has recently launched its new, updated website, we are now offering online registration for programs & events, saving parents a trip to sign their kids (or themselves) up for programs & events.

This new option will make registration more convenient for people by letting them sign up for things wherever they are.  Now you won’t have to worry about making it to the office during regular hours and you will never miss a registration deadline again.

You can pay on-line using  E-check (debit) or Credit Card.

Registration has never been easier!!!

When registration for a program/event opens up you can go to any of the Parks & Recreation pages on the website to find the ‘Online Registration’ button (on the right-hand side of each page).

How To – Online Registration

*New* Adult Rec Nights

Adult Rec Nights begin Sunday, January 13th, 2019 and will run Sundays from 8:30-10:00 pm.

Rec Memberships are required to participate.  They are $10/individual or $25/family.

Sport is chosen by participants.

Quill Lakes Update

Here is an update from SAWS:

  • Water Security Agency and the Minister of Environment continue to turn a blind eye to illegal drainage in this province.
  • Quill Lake Watershed Association continue to encourage wetland drainage.
  • Farmers continue to destroy and drain wetlands, contributing to the high water levels of the Quill Lakes.
  • The SaskFSA (Saskatchewan Farm Stewardship Association), another drainage organization, is calling out to its members to raise their voice and contact their MLA’s to change the drainage rules.
  • Manitoba and Alberta are protecting wetlands in their provinces. Saskatchewan is destroying wetlands in our province.
  • It’s reported that disruption of natural land, including wetlands, grasslands, and clearing bushes and trees, disrupts the carbon sequestration that these areas are providing.  Worse, if the disruption then results in plowing that land for crops it releases stored carbon to the atmosphere, adding to our provincial carbon emissions.

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Regina Beach Outdoor Rink Open

The Regina Beach Outdoor Rink is officially open for skating!!


  • Use at your own risk
  • Helmets are recommended for all skaters
  • Respect other skaters, share the rink between hockey & recreational skaters
  • Be considerate of noise levels
  • Alcohol consumption prohibited
  • No Smoking allowed
  • Snow clearing shall be done by users
  • Keep the ice surface free of debris
  • Respect the space & keep it clean
  • Periodically, the rink is reserved for use by Parks & Rec, community events or bookings. Updates regarding these will be posted on the rink bulletin board, Parks & Rec Facebook page and Website.  Please respect these times

This facility was made possible thanks to the help of many volunteers within the community.  Please take pride in & respect the space!!

If you have any concerns or see a problem, please call the town office at 306-729-2202 or email the Recreation  Coordinator at