Castle and Dreams Pre-school

Pre-school students attend South Shore School on non-kindergarten days.
More Info: Kelli Ziglo (306) 729-2025




South Shore Elementary School

Box 399
Regina Beach, SK SOG 4CO

Contact Information
Phone: (306) 729-2464
Fax: (306) 729-2565
Email: [email protected]

School Information
Principal: Nicole Young
Grades: K – 8
Enrollment: 148
# of Teachers: 12
# of Education Assistants: 2
# of Band Teachers: 1

South Shore School is located in Regina Beach 50 kilometers from Regina. The school has a joint-use gymnasium/hall that was constructed with significant financial assistance from the community. A team of staff members meet the academic needs of all through a variety of initiatives such as guided reading, literacy centers, and technology integration. A K-8 intramural program, organized and implemented by Gr. 7 & 8 leadership
teams, supplements the vast extra-curricular offerings which are in place to offer involvement opportunities for all students.

Located in the Prairie Valley School Division

Lumsden High School

Box 449
Lumsden, SK SOG 3CO

Contact Information
Phone: (306) 731-2262
Fax: (306) 731-2494
Email: [email protected]

School Information
Principal: Mr. John Harvey
Vice Principal: Ms. Carralee Smith
Grades: 9 – 12
Enrollment: 350
# of Teachers: 25

Lumsden High School is a Grade 9-12 facility. The education program at Lumsden High is comprised of middle level (grade 9) and secondary level (grades 10-12). The middle level program includes a full academic program, as well as band, industrial arts, home economics, computer, and a fine arts component.

The secondary level program consists of regular programs in various academic areas, locally developed courses of study, a modified education program, a work study program, and an advanced placement program. Lumsden High School offers a variety of extra-curricular offerings

Located in the Prairie Valley School Division