Emergency & Protective

For Ambulance, Police and Fire do not hesitate – call 9-1-1

Lumsden RCMP – 306-731-4270  In an Emergency call 9-1-1

Regina Beach Fire Department (dispatched through 9-1-1)

1st Responders (dispatched through 9-1-1)

SaskEnergy – to report a suspected gas leak call 1-888-7000-GAS(427)

To report a controlled burn call 1-866-404-4911

For water emergencies only call 306 729-2202 press 1

Poison Centre call 1-866-454-1212

When to Call 9-1-1

Call 9-1-1 when there is an emergency situation that you can’t control. These emergency situations may require a response from

•Medical personnel
•Rescue personnel
•A combination of responses to deal with situations such as an incident involving dangerous goods or substances.

If you need to call 9-1-1, a 9-1-1 call-taker will ask you these basic questions to ensure the proper response is provided:

•Where is the emergency? What is your street address, land location or the location of the emergency? (A description of your house or the location of the emergency, the names of any access roads, and any other landmarks may also be helpful information you can provide.)
•What is the nature of the emergency? Do you need police, fire or an ambulance?
•What is your name?
•What is the telephone number you are calling from? This question is asked for verification purposes, in case your call is disconnected prematurely.

Poison Centre

1-866-454-1212 – Free of charge from anywhere in Saskatchewan

Confidential – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
•Immediate assessment and treatment recommendations for poison and chemical emergencies
•Staffed by a specially trained team of poison experts (pharmacists, nurses and doctors).
•A real person providing expert advice, information, follow-up and reassurance.
•Call for emergency treatment advice for victims exposed to all kinds of poisons including drugs, plants, mushrooms, pesticides, snake and spider bites and a wide variety of household cleaners and chemicals.


Water Security Agency – spring run off map


Regina Beach Volunteer Fire Department

Contact the Town Office for more information.

Phone: 306-729-2202
Email:  [email protected]

Volunteer Application

Daily Fire Danger Map Today and Daily Fire Danger Map Tomorrow

Emergency Measures Organization (EMO)

The Town of Regina Beach and the Village of Buena Vista have partnered to develop an Emergency Response Plan to coordinate emergency situations and mitigate potential threats of an impending emergency situation affecting the property, health, safety and welfare of both communities.  The EMO will coordinate a response and involve a number of necessary agencies to deal with an emergent situation that is above and beyond the normal day to day operations carried out by both communities.

In the event of a community wide emergency please refer to this website and the Village/Town Facebook pages for status updates and further direction.

Volunteers Needed
The EMO is co-chaired by Shelley Brodziak and Andrea Terry Munro.  The Committee is currently in the process of revisiting its current emergency plan and is seeking committed volunteer members to take lead roles within the Regina Beach/ Buena Vista Joint Emergency Measures Team.  If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information please contact us via either the Town of Regina Beach or Village of Buena Vista Administration Office or you can email [email protected]

Please refer to the additional information below to prepare yourself and your family in the event a disaster occurs.


For your information we have included links to the latest emergency planning measures issued by the Canadian Government.  You need adobe to download this information.  http://get.adobe.com/reader/


Emergency Preparedness Guide 72 hrs booklet

Floods what to do brochure

Severe storms what to do brochure

Power outages what to do brochure


More Information is also available at: