PWUD understands and appreciates the frustration expressed by some with respect to snow removal activities in Regina Beach. This recent snow event, which lasted over a three-day period, presented challenges to the PWUD team in undertaking its snow clearing activities. This compounded by equipment breakdowns slowed the planned progress. PWUD staff worked diligently on its winter maintenance activities from 3:00am to 6:00pm on Monday March 5th. On Tuesday March 6th PWUD staff started working at 4:00am and plan to work till at least 4:00PM to address all road clearing issues.

It should be noted that Regina Beach was not the only community impacted by this weather system. Reports are indicating that the snow accumulation was the worst to hit this area since at least 2012 if not before. Like many other municipalities, PWUD’s objective is to get as many areas cleared in the most time effective manner to a state that pedestrian and vehicular traffic can safely operate within the Town’s right-of-way’s.

Thankfully, it appears that the bulk of the storm has passed the region with the snow precipitation scheduled to taper off by 10:00am. Visually it appears that the snow has already stopped. The long range forecast does not indicate any more snow for the next ten to fourteen days. This will bode well for PWUD as the department is planning to move from snow clearing (pushing) to snow removal on Thursday March 8th.

Like yesterday Monday March 5th, it can also be reported that PWUD was apprised that school buses for Tuesday March 6th were cancelled.

Equally important to report is that the weather did not prevent PWUD from undertaking the solid waste (garbage) collection on both Monday March 5th (west side) and Tuesday March 6th (east side).

PWUD are striving to provide the best service delivery possible. To this end, it is acknowledged that we are continuing to learn from our experiences especially when we encounter exceptional events like this recent snow storm.

Manager of Public Works & Utilities