Please be advised that construction on the 8th St. E. Collector Project has resumed. The planned work is to complete the underground component of the project on 5th Avenue between 8th Street East to 9th Street East. To safely carry out this work PWUD will be closing 5th Avenue to ALL traffic as well as restricting access to LOCAL traffic only on 8th Street East from 4th Avenue to 7th Avenue.

The traffic restrictions are scheduled to take effect at 12:00PM Monday January 8th 2018. The estimated duration for the traffic restrictions is five (5) to ten (10) calendar days.

Attached is a sketch outlining the construction zone restricted to authorized construction personnel. For personal safety, public and non-authorized personnel are being requested to not trespass within the designated construction zone.

For precautionary safety reasons, the sketch also highlights the primary and secondary truck routes being utilized by the contractor.

Detour Map 8th St E 5th Ave Project-Jan 8 2018