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Demolition and Moves

Demos and MovesDemos

An Application for a Permit to Demolish a Building must be completed and submitted to the office along with the applicable fee of $80 plus the refundable Deposit of $500. 

A Permit to Demolish a Building will be issued with conditions listed. The deposit is refunded when the site is inspected and all conditions on the Permit have been met.

  • The Town Office must be given 24 hours notice of date of demo for Waste Management Site (WMS) coordination. If notice is not provided access to the site may be denied.
  • Water meter must be turned into the Town of Regina Beach Office prior to commencement.
  • Water line must be capped and inspected by Public Works staff prior to backfilling, with
    site plan provided to the office of location of capped water line.
  • Once demo is complete, advise office in order to have lot inspected.

Demolitions and Moves

Demos and MovesMoves

Please contact the Town office for applications and the process for building moves.