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Council Collective Vision

Council Collective Vision

The Regina Beach Town Council believe their Collective Vision over the next four years is to move the town forward with the following outcome:



"Welcome to the Town of Regina Beach, an affordable resort resting on the south end shores of Last Mountain Lake.

Our friendly, informed community takes great pride in our well-maintained infrastructure, beautiful landscape and offers a plethora of recreational and business opportunities. 

Whether you are making Regina Beach your weekend getaway, your summer retreat or your permanent residence, this destination is notably a place for all ages and all seasons. With all this quaint town offers, it is the perfect place to live and raise a family or enjoy your best years in retirement.

Regina Beach, laying a strong foundation for a successful future."


Collective Key Messages: Mission:
  • Affordable
Provide strong fiscal management
  • Beautiful appearance
Continue efforts to enhance beauty
  • Well-maintained roadways &
Provide for efficient and sustainable infrastructure
Ensure timely and responsible investment in municipal
  • Community Engagement
Provide opportunities for community involvement
  • Recreation opportunities
Provide and support a variety of opportunities for all ages
  • Business opportunities
Support and provide opportunities for business development
  • Good communication
Promote open transparent and effective communication
between the municipality and its ratepayers

Mission Vision Values