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Committees of Council

Committees of CouncilCommittees of the Town Council of Regina Beach

The Town of Regina Beach conducts its business through a committee structure.  There are three separate Council Committees who dig into particular topics or issues. Once a Council Committee has considered information from town staff and administration, a recommended course of action is prepared for Council to consider. The recommendation is forwarded to all of Council for an official decision at a Regular or Special Meeting of Council.


Committees of Council

Councillor Langford, Bancescue and Oldershaw
Chair - Councillor Bancescue
Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Town Office.

Committee Scope:  The purpose of the Finance Committee is to consider the financial risk and operational impact of existing and proposed financial, administrative policies and actions, and to recommend to council the adjustments required to make the best use of Town resources.  Includes things such as the annual operating and capital budget, property tax and utility rates, current and potential revenue sources, Municipal grants, major non-budgeted expenditure requests, financial risk management, long-term financial planning, asset management strategy and planning, etc. 

Meetings are open to the public to observe through Zoom at the following link:


2021 Finance Committee Minutes & Agendas


Committees of Council

Councillor Langford and Olderhsaw
Chair - Councillor Langford
Meetings are held the first Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Town Office.  

Committee Scope:  Public Works matters such as traffic calming and management, waste management, recycling program, infrastructure projects, etc.  Public Utility matters such as water treatment & distribution management, drainage management, etc.  

Meetings are open to the public to observe through Zoom at the the following link:

 ** Please note that there will be no Public Works Committee Meeting
until further notice.**


2021 Public Works Committee Minutes & Agendas


Committees of Council


Councillor Rommens, and Metz
Chair - Councillor Metz
Meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at 11:00 a.m. in the Town Office.  

Committee Scope: The Communications Committe focuses on increasing communication efficiency and information sharing within the community. The committee provides valuable energy and insights on how to navigate new technologies, increase our communication effectiveness and strengthen our electronic and print messaging capabilities to assist the Town in connecting with residents. Care has been taken to recognize the growing demand for open and two-way communication, particularly
as it pertains to listening to residents, gathering feedback and the expanding influence of technology in accessing information. In particular, three topics that encourage open communication – public participation, transparency and meaningful consultation – identified as a strong desire for:
          a) engaging citizens sooner
          b) boosting public participation
          c) creating new channels to distribute information
          d) having conversations with the public
          e) providing information that is clear
          f) keeping citizens informed

Meetings are open to the public to observe through Zoom at the following link:


2021 Communications Committee Agenda & Minutes


Committees of Council

Delegations are always welcome at Committee Meetings. The following are rules for attending as a delegation:

  • Max of 2 delegations per meeting.
  • The delegate has 15 minutes to present their subject matter
  • Agenda item submissions are due no less than 5 business days prior to meeting date
  • The delegate may speak only once, during presentation time
  • Rebuttal or cross debate with other delegations not allowed
  • If numerous delegates are attending on the same matter a spokesperson must be appointed
  • Any cross communications between council and delegates shall refrain from:
    • speaking disrespectfully of the federal government, the provincial government or another municipal council, or any official representing them;
    • using offensive words in referring to a member, an employee of the municipality or a member of the public;
    • reflecting on a vote of council except when moving to rescind or reconsider it;
    • reflecting on the motives on the motion or the mover of the motion; or
    • shouting or using an immoderate tone, profane, vulgar or offensive language

A Delegation Request Form must be received at the Town Office a minimum of 1 week before committee meeting you wish to attend.

Request for Delegation Form

Committees of Council

Governance Committee 
– all of council

Human Resources - all of Council 

Mayor is ex-officio voting member on all committees


Committees of Council

Representatives of the Town Council of Regina Beach on External Committees 

Council has representation on external committees/boards within Regina Beach. The Council representation on these external committees/boards are as follows:

Sask Parks - All of Council

Inter Municipal Utility Committee (IMUC) - Cllr’s. Langford and Oldershaw - Cllr. Rommens alternate

Library BoardCllr. Bancescue

EMO Planning Committee - Cllr. Wasnik

South Shore Joint Use Committee Cllr. Metz & Cllr. Bancescue

Cemetery Cllr. Rommens

Age Friendly Committee – Cllr. Metz

Last Mountain Lake Cultural Centre Board – Cllr. Metz

Primary Health Care Committee - Cllr. Wasnik

Lakeside Heritage Museum - Cllr. Metz

Parks, Recreation & Culture Board - Cllr. Wasnik

Canada Day Parade Committee - Cllr. Metz

Pier/Waterfront Committee - Cllr. Metz