Regina Beach, a recreation town full of pleasant memories!

Regina Beach was once was just rolling hills, shrub brush, native trees, and a wide point of sand jutting out into Long Lake, a few shacks and a place to pitch a tent. A hamlet that started as far back as 1882 destined to provide recreation such as fishing, boating, swimming, golf, and tennis along with dance halls, restaurants and a hotel for our pioneer pleasure seekers of this area.

HistoryOur Story It is 1920 and the village has grown by leaps and bounds. The time has come to form some sort of governing body. There is a meeting held and it is decided that the first order of business is to incorporate Regina Beach under The Village Act.

Regina Beach is officially incorporated as of September 30, 1920. A further meeting is held in October to elect the necessary councillors. The first official meeting of the new Council was October 27, 1920. Their work has just begun.

By this time people are arriving at Regina Beach by the thousands and an era of recreation and life-time memories has begun!

Two history books have been compiled to help preserve our past for the future through the memories of the residents. Right to the Point,  and Right to the Point and Beyond  takes us to 2016. Thank you to the many people who were involved in collecting and providing information to make these history books to help capture the rich history that Regina Beach has.

HistoryOur StoryRegina Beach has over the years experienced its fair share of upheaval and change. The most devastating has been the floods, with the most significant in 2011. The 2011 flood destroyed the main pier and created subtle changes to the shoreline and tree line of the beach itself. However, the beach has a resilience that allowed it to recover and move forward in spite of the elements of nature. Through tragedy and good times, this community has united together. People in this town are very welcoming and always willing to do whatever they can to give each other a helping hand. It remains a beautiful and great place to live!

 HistoryOur Story HistoryOur Story



In 2020 Regina Beach received a refreshed look!

We are proud to introduce an updated brand and visual identity for the Town to celebrate it’s 100th year.

The goal was also to show how diverse and inclusive Regina Beach is with the reintroduction of our tag line “A Place For All Seasons” …..not only does this represent the four weather seasons, but also the different demographics that make up the community.

The revitalization of the Regina Beach brand is an opportunity to convey the integrity of our community, as well as a new identity to drive us into the future!

100 Years and our story is still unfolding!