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Seasonal Water Lines

Seasonal Water Lines

May 1st through to September 30th is the water connection (turn on) and disconnection (turn off) period for seasonal water lines. It is the property owner's responsibility to request the turn on and turn off no later than 3:00pm two business days proceeding the requested turn on/off date. Availability of requested date is not guaranteed. 

The water meter and a shut off valve must be available to Public Works & Utilities staff at the time of turn on and turn off.

Any turn on or turn off requests will be completed by a Public Works & Utilities employee only and will be carried out only during the Public Works & Utilities hours of operation. 

Charges will apply upon turn on and turn off of water services as outlined below:

     Turn on water service fee - $30.00
     Turn off water service fee - $30.00


               No sooner than MAY 1st (if May 1st falls on a weekend day, the turn on date will move to the Friday prior)


               No later than SEPTEMBER 30th (if September 30th falls on a weekend day, the turn off date will move to the Monday following)

Residents with Seasonal Water Lines are responsible to call and schedule for their water (curb stop) to be turned off prior to September 30th of each year. A meter reading is also required at that time. Should the water meter be removed prior to this, please call in or email your meter reading to the Town Office. If damages result from failure to schedule seasonal water shut off the property owner may be accountable.


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