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5th Avenue Reclamation Project - Beginning October 25th

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5th Avenue Reclamation Project - Beginning October 25th

2021 Capital Improvement Project - 5th Avenue Road Reclamation - 13th Street E to 16th Street E

The Town of Regina Beach will be conducting municipal infrastructure improvements on 5th Avenue between 13th Street E and 16th Street E over the upcoming week(s) that will replace the existing road surface. Some properties, as outlined in the map above, will be directly or indirectly impacted.

The project work is scheduled to begin the week of October 25th. The Town has awarded the contract to ASL Paving. They will use a "full depth reclamation" (FDR) technique of pavement rehabilitation. This technique is a process where the full depth of asphalt and a predetermined portion of the underlying materials are uniformly pulverized and blended together by a single piece of equipment to produce a stabilized base course which also repairs worn out and failed base problems underneath the asphalt. This project will leave a solid driving surface that will be ready for new asphalt in the upcoming year. This is an investment by the Town towards ensuring money spent on resurfacing roads is not wasted on quick repairs that will fail prematurely due to a poor-quality road base structure. As well, by reconstituting the existing asphalt and converting it into processed stone in-place, the FDR technique eliminates costly truck moves and hauling expenses. Preparation for this project included removing the gravel surface from three previously repaired sections. Asphalt millings were used as a temporary surface, a product that is compatible with the FDR process.

Please note that 5th Avenue will be closed while the contractor is working in the area. The project contractor is slated to complete the road reclamation work within 4-7 days, including compaction and clean up. Please avoid the area and plan an alternative route.