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Randy Vollman

Mayor - [email protected]

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My lovely wife Lee and I have two children, Melanie, Kyle and daughter-in-law Jenesse, and three very busy grandchildren. Lee and my wonderful in-laws, Meryl and Art Pearce, introduced this farm boy to Beach life 40 years ago. I have to say, it took awhile to break me in, but I found out “what’s not to love about Beach life” (this from a guy who couldn’t figure out what’s so great about having sand inside your bathing suit). So three years ago we decided two places are no longer needed and two years ago we sold our family home in Balgonie. Thanks to Meryl and Art we have built our new home in Regina Beach. 

As Mayor I am looking forward to working with a great council and staff to make it a family-friendly atmosphere which I have come to realize is what Regina Beach is all about.