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South Shore Recreation Centre

The multi-purpose facility equipped with a full size kitchen, raised stage, and spacious gym is ideal for any function.


The gymnasium has a gross floor area of 397 m2 and has 3 exit doors. Maximum occupancy with assembly seating for the gymnasium is 529 persons. Maximum occupancy with tables and chairs for the gymnasium is 320 persons. Available for use - approximately 55 tables that seat 6 chairs per table and 280 chairs.


This facility is used for everything from recreational programs, team practices to weddings.




Location: 1515 – 7th Avenue
Contact:  Recreation Coordinator
Phone: 306-729-2202
Email: [email protected]




Rental Rates

























































































































Hourly (up to 4 hours)CommunityNon-CommunityOptional Clean-Up
     Rec Ctr & Rotunda & Kitchen$60.00/hr$80/hr     -
     Rec Ctr & Rotunda$40.00/hr$50.00/hr     -
     Kitchen & Rotunda$50.00/hr$70.00/hr     -
     Rotunda$30.00/hr$40.00/hr     -
     Kitchen$20.00/hr$30.00/hr     -
Weddings and Major Events$475.00/day$550.00/day$300.00 GST Included


  Rec Ctr & Rotunda Kitchen


$300.00/day$350.00/day$150.00 GST Included
     Rec Ctr & Rotunda$200.00/day$225.00/day$100.00 GST Included
     Kitchen & Rotunda$250.00/day$300.00/day$75.00 GST Included
     Rotunda$140.00/day$155.00/day     -
     Kitchen$100.00/day$115.00/day     -
     Set Up - Day prior to event$40.00$45.00
     Cleanup - Next Day (Renter)$40.00$45.00
          - Optional (Caretaker)See Above


Standby - To book the facility for standby the full rental will be collected. If the facility is unused, one half of the rental will be refunded if notification is received up to two hours prior to time to meet the caretaker.
















































Yearly:Available upon written request
Independent Instructors/Coaches


$25 per hour in gym


$15 per hour in rotunda and stage


Damage Deposit:
     Separate Cheque prior to event$150.00


The deposit will be held in trust and upon completion of the event, providing the damage deposit conditions have been met, will be returned or destroyed. Should the renter fail to meet the conditions of the Damage and Key Deposit Inspection Report, the damage deposit will be kept plus the renter will be charged an additional:



  • Extra cleaning $50.00/hour

  • Cost of repair or replacement of damage