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Water Main Flushing

Water main flushing is conducted annually. The water main flushing program aims to maintain drinking water quality and increase the capacity of the distribution system by cleaning the pipes. It is a technique used to clean water distribution pipes and reservoirs of sediments that build up over time. This is done by forcing water through water mains at high speed and discharging it through hydrants, which are left open until the water runs clear.


During the flushing process, low pressure and discoloured water may be experienced for short periods. Any discolouration is temporary and is not a health hazard. The staff collect and test water samples daily throughout the entire distribution system to ensure that the water is safe for consumption. If any discolouration is noticed, residents are asked to open their cold water taps (after flushing hours) and allow it to flow until the water becomes clear.



During the flushing, please do not turn on your taps or flush your toilets. This could draw sediment into the water pipes on your property, water meter, hot water tank and into water filters. Turn off all time-delayed water systems, i.e. dishwashers, coffee makers, lawn sprinklers.



The Town will advertise the water main flushing in advance and throughout the flushing period.