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Domestic Garbage Pick Up

Domestic garbage collection day begins at 7:00 a.m. and may be collected any time during that working day. Collection occurs on the following weekly schedule:


Monday – Centre St. & west side of town
Tuesday – East side of town
Friday – Businesses


If garbage pick-up day falls on a long weekend, the collection day moves to the following day.





  • Garbage should be kept in an enclosed box or can, fly-proof and water-tight container. No loose garbage is accepted.

  • A maximum of 4 garbage bags are allowed, each no more than 35 lbs in weight. Any extra are the responsibility of the homeowner to dispose of at the Waste Management Site.

  • Removal of brush and bulk refuse is the responsibility of the landowner to dispose of at the Waste Management Site, and should not be allowed to accumulate for any longer than two weeks at a time.


Read the Domestic Waste Bylaw here DOMESTIC WASTE BYLAW